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The Opposite of Addiction is Not Sobriety...


The opposite of addiction is not sobriety it’s human connection.” I just got back from the 2018 National Rx Drug Abuse and Heroin Summit. I could bog you down with facts and overwhelm you with the public health emergency over the opioid crisis. Many of you already know someone who is suffering from addiction to prescription drugs, alcoholism, or you yourself have a problem.

First and foremost, there is hope and each of you has the power to make a difference. One of the biggest problems each of us is faced with is the stigma that is associated with addiction and things appearing messy or problematic.

We often times judge our insides by how others look on the outside. We think no one else is to facing this “embarrassing”, “shameful” situation. I put it in quotes because addiction is the disease of isolation. We think we are the only one. We might rationalize that we’ve lived a good life and have done great things in the community and why is this happening? The why is not as important as, “What now?”

The message at the Rx Summit was loud and clear, the addiction crisis is going to take all of us pulling together. Tennessee has already implemented a working model that helps educate, remove stigma and create an open dialog within the communities. With everyone on the same page, a shift of attitude has helped bring awareness and solutions to a drained system. The discussion would include all sectors of our community. I do have hope we too could utilize this type of support.

However, I decided to reach out to just one person today: YOU. You not only can make a difference, but you probably have the know how to accomplish great things. If your best thinking or problem solving has not worked on a particular addiction or problem it’s important to ask for help. We all have blind spots. They are called blind spots because we can’t see them.

Asking you to find a solution about addiction when you are struggling is like telling you to drive to California without a map.

If you are in a good place right now, filled with hope share that! If there is no hope in your life or someone you know and love, please reach out today. There are as many paths as there are people. Don’t let anyone tell you they have the only way. It’s going to take all of us. That means we need you! If you or a loved one need help immediately call 911.Kathy Deane | Founder|Consultant|

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