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Oscars and their Sober Stars!

I watched the Oscars last night. My favorite part is the camaraderie I feel when I see those who have struggled alcohol or drugs living full rich lives and thriving.

Many look up towards those in the spotlight and we forget being watched all the time has it's price. We don't always see their struggles.

The neat part is when someone is in recovery from such a hopeless state of mind and body there becomes an unwritten connection between those who have stood in the same addicted shoes. Everyone becomes friends that we just haven't met yet.

There were many times I was telling my friend... Look they are in recovery. Them too. It seemed more times than not I was able to proudly point at the screen connecting with some of my people!

Here's a list from Sept, 2019 of Some Sober Celebrities -

Famous People Now Clean & Sober

Anthony Hopkins - Sober for 45 years

Brad Pitt. Sober for - 18 months.

Russell Brand. Sober for - 16 years. ...

Bradley Cooper. Sober for - 15 years. ...

Edie Falco. Sober for - 27 years. ...

Daniel Radcliffe. Sober for - 7 years. ...

Alec Baldwin. Sober for - 34 years. ...

Ozzy Osbourne. Sober for - 6 years. ...

Eva Mendes. Sober for - 11 years. ...

Lana Del Rey Sober for - 16 years

Eva Mendes Sober for - 11 years


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