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Worry, Anxiety and Frustration Oh my...

There's nothing worse than having wonderful day only to have it derailed by an unwanted thought. There you are enjoying your lunch, when out of nowhere, you get hijacked by a thought that you just can't stop thinking about . Now worry, anxiety and frustration leaves you drained and you feel hopeless.

Truly understanding the insanity of your situation will give you the ability to pause and know there is not only hope, but some practical steps that could eliminate the mind numbing chatter. The moment we understand that we we can be just as addicted to our thinking as some people are to their drinking, this is where the shift can happen!

The Grid For Humanity lends insight:

Once they see the insanity of not taking responsibility for their thoughts, we then MUST show the person that it was initially their choice to engage; and it's when the mind becomes stuck in an old pattern of behavior, they become in a vicious cycle of the mind. The Problem starts in our mind first.

Pg. 21 The Grid For Humanity

We finally understand that we have found the enemy and the enemy is us. Our mind says great, I already have the weight on the world on my shoulders and now this is my fault too? No, not blaming, just educating ourselves that our mind is powerful. Once we observe what is truly happening we will be one step closer to a solution.

The goal is knowing the blaming of other people for how we are thinking and feeling spills away our energy and keeps us in the vicious cycle of reacting instead of responding positively from a grounded position. The moment we can shift by either reaching out for help, tapping into our spiritual nature, or just pausing we can and will gain clarity.

This is just one small snippet from The Grid For Humanity. If this resonates with you... don't hesitate to reach out to me. The 1-Page Solution This Month only $98 will give much insight and clarity with one session.


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