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common questions

Will The Grid work for my family?

-Yes! Whether you Zoom or you book an in-person Grid Session, this will help give your family the ability to communicate and find solutions instead of staying stuck in the problem.

What's the difference between The Grid For Alcoholism/Addiction and The Grid For Humanity?

-The biggest difference is The one for Alcoholism/addiction is very specific and helpful if one is struggling from alcohol or drugs.

-The Grid For Humanity is more general. It helps with almost anything we are faced with on a daily basis. This deals with your thinking problem. 

What do you mean Riskfree?

-By eliminating worry about making a wrong decision, it will allow you to receive full benefit from experiencing a Grid Session.

-You will learn something new, gain insight and have a new tool to solve life's problems.

-If you want a refund... No questions asked.  

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