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New Client Next  Steps

1. Book 30 minute Consult.

We will discuss what you are struggling with and find solutions unique for you.

2. The Grid or 1-page Solution will be options we will explore. During either of those sessions the results can be immediate, however the work is ongoing.

3. The goal is to give you a better perspective of what's going on with you, in order to find solutions that may normally elude you.

Note: Understanding The Grid is the quickest way to live in the solution and get unstuck from the vicious cycle of the mind.

The 3 C's of What We Do!

We provide 3 tools personalized for:

  1. Conflict Resolution

  2. Collaboration

  3. Compulsive Behaviors.

GRID stands for:





"The Grid is a hard hitting and effective tool addressing addictions. It offers hope! The Grid knocks it out of the park!" 


Christopher Brunell Ph.D. Homeless Shelter Provider... Washington State

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