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ZZZZZoom Out.....

I'm a Photographer, so I'm often looking for interesting things that are in plain site.

I saw this first and I thought it looked like a snake or a turtle Head.

I zoomed out and then saw what looked to be half of a Dinosaur

With one more ZZZZZoom out I was pleasantly surprised with the big picture.

Almost an entire Dinosaur.

Prior to zooming out, I didn't see the third frame. I was only fixated on the small section of the sky. We can easily get stuck with our first glance at a problem or situation. We might be unwilling or we simply forget to take a Zoomed out view of our situation. Discovering this dinosaur really gave me a thrill. Much like when I do the 1-page Solution for myself or facilitate others. It instantly gives me a Zzzzoomed out and Zeroed in view of myself and others. New Year Special still available. 1-Page Solution $98


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