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A Must Read: Tools For Sobriety.

The Grid is a process that allows you to go through the steps as a systematic unit.

This means those who utilize The Grid can find a path inward. We often look outward, toward people, places and things, in order to feel better. Reading the article below touched me at the deepest level. Studies showing trauma, thoughts, and feelings all contribute to addiction, problems and illnesses. Healing is needed. Having The Grid as one of your sobriety tools allows you to shift your focus in one session. Once shifted, a person can decide what path is best for them. We do have Grid Meetings in Wichita; however, we recommend finding the path that will give you a foundation you can build upon. 1.There is a global 12 Meeting Base. Different types which cover most addictions. 2. Celebrate Recovery 3. Recovery 2.0 4. Smart Recovery 5. Therapy 6. Meditation 7. Mindfulness Just know there are many paths. You might find a way that you stick with for years. However, it's important to remember new information is constantly being revealed. Some might find relief in a way that might not make sense to you or feel right to you. But that does not mean it's not a viable way to heal. Use the tools that work. Once you find sobriety and recovery, find options that will keep you evolving and discovering meaning and purpose in your life. The article below touched a nerve with me and I felt it was an important tool to share this perspective with others.

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