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There Are A Million Reasons I Do "That".

Anyone who is addicted to something "knows" there are at least a million

reasons why they are addicted. This is why it's almost impossible to

figure out where to step on the road to recovery.

The fact is, if you are truly an alcoholic or addict, knowing where to

start can be incredibly simple. Complicated problems often have simple


2 Different Scenarios


We are at a restaurant and I eat cake and promptly tip over and become

unconscious. You call 911. They send an ambulance. The nice people

take me to the hospital, run tests and find out that I am suffering from

diabetes. They ask if I knew I had this condition. I answer with a

resounding no! They then spend time teaching me I need regular exercise,

watch my sugar intake and maybe even put me on insulin. I now understand

I'm diabetic.


Let's revisit the restaurant, but instead of cake, I slam down 4 or 5

shots of whiskey. I tip over and become unconscious. You still call 911.

But, instead of an ambulance, they send a police officer and I get arrested

and thrown into jail. I wake up in jail none the wiser as to why I passed

out when I drank. Since I wake up in jail, I now start believing it's a

moral issue.

The fact is, if you struggle with an addiction, you know how incredibly

vicious the cycle can be. Once you activate the disease process by

engaging in behavior or substance, you can literally feel the physical

craving of the disease itself morph into the mental obsession.

If you can relate to the previous paragraph, chances are you crossed over

into the addiction process. It's not a moral issue. You are not a bad

person that needs to "get" good. You are sick and need to get well.

It's no different than finding out you have diabetes.

This is where you start. You begin here, finally understanding you didn't

do that thing you do because you had a bad day at work, because of who you are

married to, or because you've had a tragic loss. If you are truly addicted,

that is why you keep repeating the vicious cycle.

There is hope. You don't ever have to drink, drug or _______ anymore.

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